Collection: Sleep Hoodies

The perfect merge between one of the most popular styles of clothing—the hoodie—and the world's most comfortable clothing, sleepwear, there's everything to love about this garment! Longer than your average hoodie, these sleep hoodies are made to be curled up in and around you like a warm, soft hug. Perfectly acceptable to wear during the day or snuggle into the blankets at night, too!

Not only are these sleep hoodies the answer for a bad day, the solution for comfort wear at home, but they also feature unique thumb holes! Along the sleeves, you'll find these nifty additions to turn your sleeves into snug half gloves, keeping your fingers and hands toasty. The sleep hoodies are soft peached finished. Peaching is a finishing process LazyOne choses for their sleep hoodies in order for the material to feel precisely like the delightfully soft fur of a peach.

When it comes time to wash, toss our sleep hoodie into your washer with cold water and similar colors, tumble dry low and wear it again, easily.